Tigers Eye – Eye of the Tiger

Tigers Eye
Tigers eye

Polished Tiger Eye Gemstone

At its basic structure the tigers eye gemstone is a member of quartz group, with chatoyancy properties which refers to luminous streak in the gemstone when light is reflected in it like the sheen off a spool of silk. It shows similar colours  that resembles the eye of a tiger or a cat hence where the gemstone found its name.

The tiger’s eye can be found all over the world but the majority of them come from South Africa and Thailand. It is identified by the yellow-brown and golden-brown lines that run through it.

Tigers Eye Properties

The Tiger’s eye gemstone has been used for thousands of years as a talisman. The ancient egyptians used it to express divine vision believing it provided the protection of the sun and earth combined. In the east, the tiger eye was associated with the magical tiger portraying courage, integrity and the right use of power. It was also carried by the ancient Roman soldiers who believed it helped them be brave in battle.

The tiger’s eye gemstone, throughout most cultures where it is worn is seen to be as stone of prosperity and good fortune, that protects oneself and deflects negative energy from others.

Wearing the tiger eye can also helps with courage, strength of mind, and self-confidence to tackle anything that will come your way.

It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. This can be helpful with those with anxiety.

The fire or solar element in this golden stone stimulates your ability to manifest your most ardent desires. Its energy will enable you to take the action needed to be more practical, and put this into practice within your life.

Tigers Eye Healing Properties

The tiger’s eye is also has a few healing properties. It is linked to the lower chakras but mainly the with the solar plexus chakra helping energize and activate the solar plexus.

The Solar Plexus is the energy distribution center and the chakra of relationships. When the solar plexus is in balance we are free to interpret the world through our own thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of violating the dictums of others.

This bracelet not only is made up of tigers eye but also has the 7 chakras stones with it as well.

Mental clarity is another property that the tiger eye is known for, helping activate the intellect and sharpen the logic center. It can help shift one’s mindset to a more positive outlook due to its multi-dimensional frequencies.

Tiger eye

Main Benefits Of Tigers eye

  • Courage
  • Prosperity and Luck
  • Mental Clarity
  • Solar Plexus Chakra balancing
  • Brings insight into complex situation
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Dispels fears
  • Grounds and centers personal energy
  • Can deepen one’s meditative state
  • Helps focus the mind
  • Protects from negative energies

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